I have been calling Rusty for years to maintain my air conditioner.  I just wouldn't call anyone else.

- Anne 

The beginning of the summer is the optimal time to getting your AC checked.  It may be more difficult during the hotter summer months to perform repairs that can be spotted early due to high demand on AC Service Companies.  Your Air Conditioner is also about 50% of your electrical usage.  Call early to avoid the possibility of having to sweat it out later.  What we can do during a check up:  AC Checkup

  • Check for proper refrigerant levels.
  • Check electrical components and controls to make sure they're working properly. 
  • Check evaporator and condenser coils. Dirty evaporators and coils reduce the energy efficiency and cooling ability of your unit. 
  • Oil motors as needed. 
  • Calibrate thermostat to make sure your A/C isn't working overtime. 
  • Check the condenser for any possible problems.

Extended Checks can Include:

  • Air Flow to check for Damaged Ductwork

Low refrigerant levels indicate a leak that needs to be found and repaired immediately.
Dirty evaporators and coils reduce the energy efficiency and cooling ability of your unit and will need to be cleaned.

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  • I try to get my HVAC checked out at least once a year, preferably before summer begins. It is very important to have a working air conditioner before summer begins. It can get so very hot during those months. I honestly wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have a working unit during that time of year.

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