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Dirty Air CoilThe AC evaporator coil is an important part of the air conditioning system. As the Evaporator Coil pulls heat out of your home’s air, the liquified Freon is allowed to evaporate. It is the liquified Freon that pulls the heat from your house and results in the lowering of the air temperature.

The evaporator coil is most often located inside the home or office, and it is an integral part of your air conditioning system as its main task is to remove the hot air from inside your house. Your AC evaporator coil will get dirty and at some point may become clogged. There are occasions where a clogged or dirty coil can even result in water damage to your home by causing water to run down between the wall and the exterior siding material. The damage can be costly.

Signs Your Coils Need Cleaning:

  • Restricted Air Flow Coming From Vents
  • Visible Water Inside That Can Be Traced to The Air Conditioner
  • Pets That Shed or Heavy Taffic That Creates Dust

A qualified service technician should perform a complete air conditioning system check-up once a year before the cooling season begins and the coils should be checked.  Our technicians can perform this task without causing too much down time.  Give us a call and especially of you have any of the warning signs:  D&R's Airconditioning & Heating, 830-914-3654 or 210-326-9919.

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  • Guest - Lauren Adams

    I'll have to check out my air conditioner's coil. My apartment has been quite muggy lately. It isn't unbearable, but it is uncomfortable. I know that we have had our coils changed in quite some time.

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  • So this Freon is the stuff that lowers the temperature in our house. I can imagine if the coils that have that stuff in it were dirty, the AC wouldn't work as well. We will have to check and make sure that those coils are clean. I have noticed that the air from the AC is a bit restricted lately, so that might be the cause.

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